BETSEY – Personal Trainer

Personal Bio:

I grew up an active kid and participated in every sport activity available. At a young age I developed a passion for softball that grew the older I got. In high school I realized that I wanted to take my softball career further. I went to Wingate University to play softball for my freshman and sophomore years of college. I transferred closer to home and finished my collegiate career at Barton University. During that time I fell in love with fitness. After battling a serious eating disorder in college, I found a way to focus my energy and keep my body healthy. I love helping others reach their dreams and I focus on doing it the healthiest way possible. I have a Mass Communications degree with a specialization in Public Relations which I feel helps me significantly in the fitness industry. I believe that our bodies are temples and that we should glorify God by keeping them healthy!

Professional Bio:

I was a collegiate athlete and I bring that same determination and intensity to my workouts for clients. There is more strength in each of us than we realize and I like to draw that out of people with a good workout and positive motivation. I use a combination of weights and cardio to get a lean, toned look. I like to keep the heart rate up with high intensity, but also combine weights to keep you sore the next day. I love to motivate and push my clients for one more rep, 5 more minutes, or 1 more day.

Earned Certifications:

  • AFPA Certified Personal Trainer
  • AFPA Certified Sports Nutritionist

Fitness Motto:

“But did you die?”