DYLAN – Personal Trainer

Personal Bio:

My journey in the gym started when I followed a 6-week workout plan in the Boy Scouts. Once I saw what the gym could do to the human body I dove headfirst into weightlifting and nutrition. My obsession lead me to Johnson & Wales University where I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in nutrition. Being equipped with the knowledge of how nutrition can affect the body, particularly with athletes, I decided to become a certified personal trainer. During this time period, I was involved with competitive powerlifting, and am currently training to compete in a bodybuilding competition.

Professional Bio:

When it comes to nutrition and cooking, you start with the major items and work down to the details. I treat my training the same way. Start with the major muscles and proper form and we work our way into balance and toning for a lean look. A session with me will push you to your limits. With a mix of strength training, various techniques to increase intensity, and bodyweight/plyometric work, you’re guaranteed to work until you’re gritting your teeth and laughing.

Earned Certifications:

  • Certified Personel Trainer – NSCA

Fitness Motto:

“Stop talking it’s time for your set”