HAYLEY – Personal Trainer

Personal Bio:

I have always been involved in athletics starting at the age of 3 starting with tee ball and dance and then basketball at the age of 5. I stuck with it and was busy with sports throughout middle school and high school and was a tri-sport athlete playing tennis, basketball, and softball. I won numerous awards for athletics including the Heisman Scholarship award and Female Athlete of the Year. I fell in love with Olympic lifts in high school and took weight lifting each semester where I proved to be one of the strongest girls in school. I chose to further my career in softball and played 4 years at Barton College where I earned a degree in Special and Elementary Education with a minor in history. I love helping others and sharing my learning experiences to encourage those around me. I’ve recently come to love powerlifting and know that it’s not about being skinny but feeling strong and improving yourself. That confidence gives me encouragement and I love giving that same sense of empowerment to others.

Professional Bio:

I’m a huge fan of variety and making the gym time a fun experience. My sessions are fun, high intensity, and you’re sure to break a sweat. I will have you moving from cables, to free weights, to cardiovascular machines and will keep your heart rate up and your mind guessing.

Earned Certifications:

  • Personel Trainer – IFTA