KRISTY – Personal Trainer

Personal Bio:

I grew up in a household where sports and fitness played a big part of my childhood. My parents would make me run laps around the house and hold a wall sit as punishment instead of sitting in time out. Fitness became a love of my own while playing tennis in college and earning my degree in Fitness Management and Gerontology from Barton College. While earning my degree, I was afforded the opportunity to work with athletes at all division levels as well the professional and Olympic level. My desire was to become a strength and conditioning coach for an athletic team but after spending a summer as an intern, I realized that I enjoyed working with people one-on-one more and decided to change career paths.  I love being a Personal Trainer and having a direct positive impact on the health and well-being of others. This is my passion that has been with me since I was a child and now I get the chance to share it with others.

Professional Bio:

I have been a Personal Trainer for 5 years and enjoy working with all age groups and fitness levels. In college I studied gerontology because I love working with the senior population and proving that no matter your age, you can make fitness fun!  My athletic drive also comes out when I train clients as I incorporate a lot of athletic movements and energy in our sessions. I love to push myself and try new things in my own workouts and I carry that mindset when I train others.

Earned Certifications:

  • USA Weightlifting Coach
  • AFAA Certified Personal Trainer